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Drama / Faith Based - Runtime: 90 Minutes - 2017


Based on best selling novel, "Sheltered by Jesus" by Richard Berry

A  Pastor is called by God to serve the homeless, a call you would expect to be easily and gladly accepted by the church and his community. What he soon discovers is a world of opposition both from within the church and outside.Soon, Pastor Berry is forced to make a choice between pleasing others or obeying God. Little did he realize how that choice was going to effect his life, his community, and the nation.

CONTRIBUTIONS:​ Killatainment Films Inc. is proud to present the film project called Sheltered by Jesus, based on the best selling novel by Richard Berry. A story about faith, trials, and God's sovereignty.We are looking for your help to bring this powerful message of God's power to the world. Your contribution will help to ensure that we are able to bring the best talent, crew, and technology to this project. Reaching our goal will ensure that we can provide the highest in production value and do justice to such an important story